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Anti-Tumor - Cordyceps King


My family has a family history of cancer.


When I learnt that cordyceps is an excellent anti-tumor agent, I started taking timo® Cordyceps King everyday. After all, prevention is better than cure.

• Ms Tan,30, - Lawyer
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Customer Testimonials

Cholesterol - Cordyceps King

I am fearful of death and sickness, so I always exercise. But I love to eat too, so I am also suffering from diabetes and hypercholesterolemia. I must take medicine to control my conditions. But even the medicine could only maintain my blood sugar level at 10mmol/L. One day I met a scientist on timo® Cordyceps King in a seminar and became interested in the product due to its miraculous effects. So, I tried it out.


After taking timo® Cordyceps King for 2 months, I found my blood sugar level dropping to 7mmol/L, and my bad cholesterol (LDL) level dropping from 162mg/dL to 115mg/dL! The doctor was surprised too. timo® Cordyceps King is truly the king of herbs!

En Adzmi, 62, - Retiree

Chronic Cough and Cold - Cordyceps Brefwell


My grandson used to suffer from cough and cold very easily and had to take medications all the time. But they only treated the symptoms and not the problem. A pharmacist introduced ‘timo® Cordyceps Brefwell’ to me and said it was very good for cough and cold caused by weak body, so I bought one for my grandson. I mixed the cordyceps powder in the capsule with milk or warm drinks so that he could take it easily.


Now, he does not have to take medications all the time because he seldom gets cough and cold anymore.

Mrs Ng,56, - Housewife

Kidney Function - Men Plus


I am a retiree. I am old and decrepit, with frequent urination at night. Worried about my health, my children bought me timo® Cordyceps Men Plus and I took 2 capsules daily.


After about a week, I felt my stamina has improved a lot because I was not panting for breath after my morning exercises. Even the frequent urination at night has reduced by 80%! What a miracle!

En Mazlan,63, - Retiree

Energy and Physical Strength - Cordyceps Energy Plus


I am a share broker. It is a stressful job because I am always worried about entering the wrong transaction data.


After taking timo® Cordyceps Energy Plus, I feel more energetic and alert, and I do not feel lethargic anymore after lunch.

Mr Tay, 50, - Stockbroker

Heart Function - Cordyceps King


Since my medical report told me I have an irregular heart beat and a weak heart, I started searching for herbs that could improve my condition. I read about a clinical report on the internet that Adenosine in cordyceps can regulate heart beat and strengthen heart function.


So I bought timo® Cordyceps King since it is the only one in the market that comes with a full quality report. It really works, and I have seen a lot of improvements in my condition.

Mr Singh,46, - Pharmacis

Liver Function - Cordyceps HepaX Plus


Although I am an inherited Hepatitis B person, I still have to entertain my customers because the need of my work. I have bought 6 bottles of timo® Hepax Plus after recommended by my family members.


I have done a body check-up after finishing 6 bottles, who knows that my liver functions are even much better than before, it really works for me!

Mr Lee, 35, - Sales Manager

Sexual Problems - Men Plus

I am a vegetarian since I was in primary school. I still have no children after 5 years of marriage. And I am perfectly fine after medical check-up with my wife. Now, I have started to see the problems of ageing these few years after getting lesser morning erection and sexual desire. So, I started to look for supplement for my serious health problems. A friend of mine is a pharmacist who recommended me to try timo® Cordyceps Men Plus, the reason is he had felt the stiffness of sex organ and the quality are improving a lot after 3 months dose. He told me the effectiveness can be seen after taking it in 5 days.


I have followed the advice of taking 3 months dose of timo® Cordyceps Men Plus; my sexual desires, stiffness and performance are totally different than I used to be. timo® Cordyceps Men Plus really strengthen my confidence and quality of life because I just had a newborn baby girl.

Mr Lau, 38, - Lecturer

Asthma - Cordyceps Brefwell

I was born with asthma. I have seen a lot of general practitioners but nothing helped, the attacks still occurred once or twice every month, especially when the weather turned cold or when I ate the wrong food. I needed the inhaler when the attack struck.


But after taking second bottles of timo® Cordyceps Brefwell, I have not encountered any asthmatic attacks for 3 month now! It is really effective!

Cik Siti Norhayati, 28, - Nurse

Immunity - Cordyceps King

I was born weak and sickly. My parents always bought me cordyceps when I was young, so I am quite familiar with their benefits and efficacies. A friend of mine told me about a company producing the first cordyceps in Malaysia with bio-technology, brand name timo® Cordyceps King. I was told that this brand has 10 times more nutrition and natural active ingredients than any other brands in the market, so I tried it.


It was truly better! I am much stronger now, and I don't get sick easily.

Mr Lim,35, - Computer Engineer

Anti-Tumor - Cordyceps King


My family has a family history of cancer.


When I learnt that cordyceps is an excellent anti-tumor agent, I started taking timo® Cordyceps King everyday. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Ms Tan,30, - Lawyer