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Cholesterol - Cordyceps King

I am fearful of death and sickness, so I always exercise. But I love to eat too, so I am also suffering from diabetes and hypercholesterolemia. I must take medicine to control my conditions. But even the medicine could only maintain my blood sugar level at 10mmol/L. One day I met a scientist on timo® Cordyceps King in a seminar and became interested in the product due to its miraculous effects. So, I tried it out.


After taking timo® Cordyceps King for 2 months, I found my blood sugar level dropping to 7mmol/L, and my bad cholesterol (LDL) level dropping from 162mg/dL to 115mg/dL! The doctor was surprised too. timo® Cordyceps King is truly the king of herbs!

• En Adzmi, 62, - Retiree
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