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Sexual Problems - Men Plus

I am a vegetarian since I was in primary school. I still have no children after 5 years of marriage. And I am perfectly fine after medical check-up with my wife. Now, I have started to see the problems of ageing these few years after getting lesser morning erection and sexual desire. So, I started to look for supplement for my serious health problems. A friend of mine is a pharmacist who recommended me to try timo® Cordyceps Men Plus, the reason is he had felt the stiffness of sex organ and the quality are improving a lot after 3 months dose. He told me the effectiveness can be seen after taking it in 5 days.


I have followed the advice of taking 3 months dose of timo® Cordyceps Men Plus; my sexual desires, stiffness and performance are totally different than I used to be. timo® Cordyceps Men Plus really strengthen my confidence and quality of life because I just had a newborn baby girl.

• Mr Lau, 38, - Lecturer
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